Livetolives: APK, APP, Features and More

Livetolives is a site where individuals can interact and have fun. You can meet many random people from all around the world who want to talk, listen, and share. Chatting online is already commonplace, yet some individuals are hesitant to meet new people in this manner. Meeting someone for the first time, anyplace, can be nerve-racking – but that’s all part of the fun. So don’t be afraid to join Livetolives and start having fun with new pals right now. Livetolives offers everything you need for a fun social life. It offers new on-demand discussion threads, live video calls for maximum communication and opportunities to make important connections.

Livetolives connects you with an unlimited stream of random individuals eager to chat and have fun. Only in this case, there’s no need for them to uncomfortably apologize because you may end the video chat at any point. In this article, we are talking about this site. So,keep reading to know more about it.

Livetolives APK

Thousands of girls and boys are waiting for your private conversation on Livetolives APK. Also, it has no security risk. It is a Live Video Speak app that allows you to chat with real girls and boys from across the world. With the help of this free live video chat app, both boys and girls may communicate discreetly from anywhere in the globe. There are numerous verified profiles of males and girls available for dating and other forms of companionship. It is up to you to decide how you will use this app. At Livetolives APK, people may engage in chat and have a nice time. There are many intriguing individuals all across the world that wish to speak, listen, and contribute.

Many men and women are waiting to connect with you all online. It’s a fun smartphone app that enables real-time video chats. Finally, it features a free real-time video calling option. It is a premium app for which you must pay a fee, but if you download Livetolives APK from any mod apk website, it is completely free for you to use for the rest of your life with premium features.

Livetolives APP

Livetolives is a revolutionary new method to video chat with your pals. It enables you to gather in one location and see each other’s faces on the same screen at the same time.

This may be handy for a variety of purposes, such as playing a game with your pals, recording a song together, or watching a movie with all of your friends sitting in a circle on an online sofa. The options are limitless. Livetolives also allows you to share photographs and videos with your friends (even as they are watching them), allowing them to respond in real time.

The company created Livetolives by combining some of our favorite features from Skype and FaceTime into one simple package. It requires no download or installation on your computer. This makes it simple for anyone who wants to speak privately online because none of these files need to be saved locally anywhere – simply provide the URL via email instead. Another excellent advantage of Livetolives is how simple it is for newcomers. Although it may seem sophisticated at first, there is nothing difficult about using LiveTolives. Because its interface is properly designed so that users can quickly understand how everything works without any instructions. Start a Livetolives conversation, invite your friends and switch between cameras. Now that you know how to do it, you can start talking.


To begin, add your friends by providing their name or ID. You can also find the ID in the user menu. Then, flip into cameras and have a conversation. You may add movies, photographs, or gifs from the chatroom to make your chats even more entertaining and interesting. If you’re feeling creative and want people to see how amazing you are with stickers and memes, go ahead. At Livetolive, we do not pass judgment. You may even build private rooms where only those who have been invited can join in on the fun.

If you wish to be more public about what happens during these talks (or simply want more social media exposure), go ahead and make them public as well. After you’ve set up your space, it’s time to invite some friends. You may locate persons by name or id by using the search option. If they’re already on Livetolive, you may invite them directly from their profile page. It’s simple to invite new members. First simply hit the “Invite” button next to their name and confirm with a single tap. Video chat may also be used to meet new individuals. Meet new people, date and make new friends from all around the world, and have fun.

More details

Livetolives is a video chat social network that allows you to watch several screens at once and engage with up to four participants in one video conversation. With an anonymous user profile, you may build your own room and invite other app users to join you. When you create a room, you can choose whether it will be publicly accessible so anyone can join or only people invited by you. You may also establish private rooms that only those invited by the host user can access.

If you want to learn more about this app and what it has to offer, please visit their website at or email them at [email protected]. They are constantly seeking input, so please contact them if you have any questions, recommendations, or ideas.

Livetolives Features

If you are not in a friendship and want to make new acquaintances, download this app since you will meet strangers from various locations and nations. If you like one of them, you can also become online friends with boys and girls and discuss anything discreetly, and you don’t have to spend coins to connect with live females in Livetolives APK. Many individuals go on dates to various locations, however if you don’t have any ladies or males to go on dates with, So, with this app, you can locate one because there are a range of attractive ladies and stunning males willing to go on a date with you. Furthermore, you may quickly locate your life companion by using Livetolives apk and fetoo Apk because both of the Entertainment apps are free.

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The profile is highly crucial for your identification since it contains your Name, Address, and Job Title, but it is up to you whether or not you want the public to see it. The last thing you’ll do is include your real photo with the profile. Every female communicates with you after seeing your profile since the public skips your profile with a bogus experience, so the more realistic your profile, the better. Create a professional profile and use sticker and costume effects to improve your conversation experience. You may use hundreds of stickers in effect during live video calls and chats. These stickers are intended for use with the modified app; they cannot be used by anybody else. With this function, your public trust is created, and your profile is confirmed.

More Details

Create the nicest place where you will keep your friend’s profile for talks and discussion if you have already made many friends and saved the name with your profile. You don’t have to look for your buddies in public with this. It is the most recent feature accessible only in Livetolives apk. Additionally, you can effortlessly send and receive messages from your existing connections. How can you understand the language of international strangers when you speak directly to them when their language is different from yours?

Do not worry about it. A real-time translator will help you translate a foreign language into your own language in less than a second, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Global language translator will translate your selected language. Ads can disrupt your video chat experience, but this app does not have any because it is ad-free. You may now utilize live chat without interruption from advertisements.

Livetolives Terms and Condition

  • To register for, use or access the App, you must be 18 years of age. The age limit may differ from 18 in your country.
  • Companies and other robots are not allowed to register as users or use the app in any way.
  • If the law specifically prohibits the use or access of certain classes of people, it will be declared invalid.
  • By registering and opening the app, you confirm that you are an adult. Also, you have the right and authority (under the laws of your country or place of residence) to enter into this Agreement and be bound by its terms.
  • By using and accessing the app, you agree to abide by all local and international laws and regulations pertaining to the use of their app, its Services, and copyright and trademark laws pertaining to the Content.
  • The Company maintains the exclusive right, with or without reason, to approve or reject the User’s registration.
  • You promise to keep your password, account data, and personal data secure during the registration procedure in their app.
  • You also acknowledge that you are responsible for the device’s security. You agree that neither the Company nor any third party will be liable for any losses caused by your carelessness with regard to the security of the device you are using or the security of your personal data.
  • You undertake to alert them promptly of any unauthorized use of your account data or any security breach.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Livetolives APk Customer Support Available?

Yes, it offers its users customer service, with the possibility to complain to any other person in the event of a limitation.

Is this app allowing users to engage in adult activities?

No, it does not allow users to join and participate in adult activities.

How to get and install Livetolives APK?

  • Click the Download button to get the file from fast-downloading servers.
  • After downloading, just double-click the APK file to install the programme on your Android device.
  • Allow Storage and all permissions while the installation is taking place.
  • It will take some time to install, so please be patient.
  • Open the game after installing Livetolives APK and enjoy your leisure time chatting with females.

Does it have a hashtag feature?

Livetolives is a video chat with additional features such as text chat and hashtags! Inside the chatroom, you may make your own hashtag by entering “#” followed by your desired keyword or phrase. Anyone who joins your room will see this symbol, as well as any postings with that tag, on their screen. This makes it easier to identify relevant material inside a single community place.

What is Live to Lives?

Livetolives is a video chat social network that allows you to watch several screens at once and communicate with up to four participants in one video session. With an anonymous user profile, you may build your own room and invite other app users to join you. When building rooms, you can choose whether they will be publicly accessible so that anybody may join or only those who have been invited by the room’s creator can join.