5 Things You Should Recognize About Microsoft Office Certification

Microsoft Office Certification: Certification in IT engineering is the best way to prove your knowledge or earn a badge of honor. Microsoft exams are recognized worldwide, demonstrate their skills, and demonstrate the ability to accept and use Microsoft software. The Office 2016 certification paths are designed to illustrate and demonstrate the capabilities of professionals, helping them to take advantage of opportunities and even increase efficiency. 

On average, mcsd certification jobs could earn 15% more than their non-certified counterparts. In a working group of 20 IT professionals who received exam vouchers, 18 passed the exam. Five of the 18 have recognized as leaders in their respective fields, and most have been promoted or are working on more exciting projects. The certification can also lead to an increase in productivity. It is the goal of managers in hiring employees. According to an ICD / Microsoft survey, certified new employees achieve full productivity 39% faster than their peers. Also, 38% of IT professionals said that certification helped them perform complex tasks with greater confidence.


The first step in getting a Microsoft Office Specialist certificate is to do the courses here in New

Horizons in preparation for the exam. This first level divided into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.


The second step is to get an expert badge. In this step, Word and Excel are treated with a separate course and exam to receive the title of Expert.


The MOS certificate is the final and the highest certificate. After completing the two lower-level documents, it will not take long until the MOS Master Level reached. The words 1, 2, and 3, together with the examination; Excel course part 1, 2 and 3, as well as the exam; PowerPoint courses 1 and 2, as well as the exam. You must then do another review with the appropriate courses in Access or Outlook. 

Microsoft Office certification has benefits.

On the one hand, it helps you to sharpen the technology skills you use every day. Do you know how you get an Excel shortcut that makes your life ten times easier sometimes? Well, these shortcuts are more insight into a professional certificate. 

Another advantage of being a Certified Specialist at Microsoft Office is that it may be useful if you are negotiating a raise or looking for a new administrative role. Under the Office Team Salaries Directive, administrative professionals with a Microsoft Office Specialist certificate can earn higher initial salaries than those who do not. All administrators should know before they register.

1. Choose your challenge

Microsoft Office is a big globe. If you think you will have to test all the applications to get your Microsoft Office certificate, do not worry. You can tap the apps that most choose your career. If Word is your word wheel or if you want to get a new view of Outlook, choose to do it rather than in apps you may never have used.

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2. Know what to expect

Microsoft Office certification established in place of virtual testing via Certiport. The details of the exam vary depending on the application (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and a version of the software for which you want to specialize, namely MOS 2010, MOS 2013, or MOS 2016. Each test lasts about 50 minutes, and you will discover your score immediately after the exam.

3. Ask about the refund

As with the best things in life, this certification is not free. (Tickets for the review currently start at $ 96). However, you can talk to your boss about the presentation of the professional certification invoice. Some employers are open to cover the costs of professional development. It never hurts to ask, and I can even be impressed by his dedication to his career.

4. Help yourself and your career

While you want to rise to new heights, it recommends, your employer may be more interested in the professional certification experience. Keep in mind that this is your career, and if you have been a certified Microsoft Office specialist, this is something you want in your CV, go ahead! If you are looking for a job, and accreditation could advise the balance in your favor.

5. Prepare for the test and future administrative work!

Again, Microsoft Office certification costs money, so be sure to prepare. You do not

want to enter the Certiport session, believing that your current skills will set you aside. You want to excel in Excel and combine through PowerPoint. Take the time to study the relevant materials in the Microsoft training catalog or enroll in an exam preparation course.

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