8 Web Development Tools To Boost Your Blockchain Business

Blockchain is a new trend in the information technology field. It looks like a disruptive technology that will have negative impacts on the market. Still, blockchain technology is growing as a wild forest fire. Today, there are many ongoing crypto news dedicated to cryptocurrency and recent developments in blockchain technology. It has become crucial to showcase your business online, as every one is available there. Many web development tools are available today that can help any startup with cryptocurrency or blockchain business. In this article, we will have a look at some web development tools to boost your blockchain business.

Best Web Development Tools To Boost Your Blockchain Business

1 Solc

Solc is also called a solidity compiler. It is a programming language used in the Ethereum chain. Solc is implemented by a large number of nodes in an Ethereum chain. A separate module is also available for online compilation.

2 Mist

With the help of Mist, you can implement smart contracts quickly and can store Ether. Mist is basically for Ethereum developers. Developers can use this native app to develop any apps in a test network or Ethereum network.

3 Tierion

Tierion allows you to develop a verifiable database of any process on the blockchain network of Bitcoin. It has also got an open system called ChainPoint to generate receipts and record data. These receipts contain the instructions to verify the data without the involvement of any intermediaries.

4 Blockchain Testnet

Blockchain Testnet is a web development tool to make a new app using some Ethereum chain. It can also work as an actual blockchain network where you can use a real app in case you are a web developer using blockchain technology.

5 Ether Scripter

Ether Scripter is a tool created in 2014 to be used for a smart contract. It is a popular blockchain-based web development platform. Ether Scripter finds its application with the serpent programming language.

6 Coinbase’s API

Coinbase is a popular platform that allows trading using cryptocurrency. It has created a web API to integrate Bitcoin in any existing application and create a new Bitcoin application. Coinbase’s API provides an environment to develop Bitcoin portfolios, wallets, and addresses. It gives a read-only facility to the data, that allows you to innovate something new. 

7 Embark

Embark is a framework created to develop Ethereum apps. It also allows the developer to implement a serverless html5 application using decentralized technologies or apps. 

The Embark platform also facilitates blockchain web developers to develop new smart contracts, which can be available in Javascript code. When developers update the smart contract, Embark will update the contract immediately together with their related app.

8 BaaS

It can also be called blockchain as a service. This platform was created by Microsoft Azure, allowing the developers to build apps in a more secure environment that has support for different kinds of chains like Augur, Storj, Eris, and Multichain. The main objective of BaaS is to provide a blockchain solution having the capacity to launch blockchain at one click.

Final Words

So far, we have gone through some best web development tool to boost your blockchain business. Many people are showing interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency business. There are many online services available today, providing reports on. It is crucial to know some blockchain-based web development tools to power up your online reputation in the crypto world. The tools listed above provide a secure and fast development of apps in a blockchain network. The popularity of blockchain is seen from the fact that Microsoft is working on web development tools implementing blockchain technology. At last, we can say blockchain will dominate in the future by having its influence on web development.

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