Sea Of Thieves Kraken Body

Sea Of Thieves Kraken Body

Sea Of Thieves Kraken: Straight out of folklore and those bad Pirates of the Caribbean film comes the Sea of Thieves Kraken, which is undoubtedly the toughest and most challenging enemy you can come up against. In this Sea of Thieves Kraken guide, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about the mythical beast, including how to find the Kraken location, as well as the question on everyone’s mind: how to kill the Kraken.

If you instead need anything else on Sea of Thieves, including how to get to grips with sailing your first pirate ship, as well as a complete guide to all three merchant factions in the game, head on over to our Sea of Thieves guides walkthrough hub.

Sea Of Thieves Kraken Body
Sea Of Thieves Kraken Body

The Kraken spawns under a ship, darkening the water into an inky-black pool and slowing the ship to a crawl and multiple tentacles rise from the waves. The tentacles attack by sucking players up to the tentacles, wrapping around the hull and/or slapping the ship. The Kraken’s blood splashes are poisonous (counting for poison death in the Ferry of the Damned) and, when you swim in the darkened water, drowning speed is dramatically increased. The Kraken appears to be a timed encounter where the amount of loot spawned depends on the number of limbs defeated during the fight. A Kraken will despawn shortly after all ships in the ink are sunk, so if a crew wants to take on another crew’s Kraken, they cannot just sail around the ink but have to actively go in to get the Kraken’s attention.

Kraken Sea Of Thieves

One point that some in the community are making is that it only attacks fully-manned, four-person galleons – presumably, so that you always have at least a chance of fending it off – but there are some who have mentioned seeing it on the two-player sloops. That said, it could well be just because they’re also near other, four-person galleons themselves.

What you can take away from this is that it’s almost certainly more likely that you’ll find the Kraken in a four-person crewed galleon than in a sloop, but it’s not impossible to find it in a sloop, especially if there are other galleons nearby.

The other thing to know is what to actually look out for when the Kraken attacks. The main thing is the sea: when the Kraken is about to appear, the sea will turn a murky black around your ship, adding a rather unsettling bit of suspense before the attack itself.

Then, it’s the obvious things – like giant tentacles – that give it away, and you don’t have long after the water starts to turn before they appear.

The most terrifying among them, though, is the Kraken, a giant sea monster that tries to sink ships and eat pirates. … The Kraken is tough and can be deadly: Normally, your goal should just be to do enough damage to get out of its clutches and escape. That said, it isn’t invincible — you can defeat the Kraken.

The Kraken (/ˈkrɑːkən/) is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of giant size in Scandinavian folklore. According to the Norse sagas, the Kraken dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland and terrorizes nearby sailors.

Kraken skulls and skeletons can be found throughout the Sea of Thieves, but more frequently in the Wilds.

Sea Of Thieves Kraken Loot

When the Kraken appears, every member of the crew will have to help to ward off the beast. The Kraken in-game is comprised of eight tentacles that act independently. As it waves its tentacles, it will open an close the tips like mouths on each tentacle – and at certain points, it may try to strike a player, or slam onto the ship.
If targeted, you must break its line of sight or hit it with a cannonball, otherwise, that player will be grabbed by the tentacle and held aloft in the gaping maw. If grabbed, the Kraken will either hold you aloft, slam you back down on the ship – or toss you into the sea. It’s possible – through hard, to free a player from this by hitting the base of the tentacle with more cannonballs.
One player should be on duty to repair, while the other alternate shots at the different tentacles as they appear or disappear. If the tentacles should start wrapping around the ship itself, you can slash at them to stop damaging the ship.

How To Find The Kraken In Sea Of Thieves

When the Kraken attacks, it’s best to start with the basic principles of ship combat that we outline in our Sea of Thieves sailing guide. Essentially, that means coordination and dividing up tasks between you, Adam Smith style, to make you the most efficient crew possible.

The Kraken seems to start by raising its tentacles up out of the water, which you can immediately start attacking with cannons and ranged weapons, but after it’ll start to slam its tentacles down on the ship, and occasionally grab one of the crew members and chuck them overboard.

On a four-player galleon, we recommend one person gets straight below deck to focus on repairs, prioritizing patching up holes first and bailing out water second – bailing water is also a good way to stall for time if you run out of wooden planks and need someone else to come and deposited a few in the store.

Two people should be manning cannons and aiming for the tentacles.

Land as many direct hits on them as possible, of course, and don’t forget to rotate to the other side of the ship, too! The main point to aim at is the tip of the tentacles, where they split into a kind of horrible star-shaped mouth, which seems to take extra damage when struck, but aiming for that is risky if you’re a wonky shot – you can still take it down by landing consistent “body” shots to the main tentacle arms instead.

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Finally, one person should be left to steer, and manage the anchor and sails, filling in where necessary if they need to (for example, if someone on the cannons gets hurled overboard…) and firing off a few rounds from their firearm if they’re spare, especially if they can land hits on the tentacle “mouths”.

If this is you, your main task is keeping the ship lined up and stable, communicate directions to your crewmates, and also stay prepared for fleeing (keeping an eye on the wind and sails in particular) if you need to do so as a last resort!

Sea Of Thieves Kraken Underwater

  • There is a musical cue and the water around your ship darkens when the Kraken attacks. Ship movement in the dark water is minimal, but not halted, so you can eventually move out of the dark water. As such, if you want to be sure not to move out of the Kraken encounter, raise your sails or drop your anchor.
  • There are 4 “types” of arms to the Kraken:
    • “Inhaler” arms make a wind graphic on the deck and suck a player up into the arm. To avoid getting sucked in, go below the deck or do damage to the open, inhaling “mouth” on a nearby tentacle. Once trapped, you can still do many things, including swing your sword at parts of the Kraken, shoot your guns, eat bananas, and so on. Keep your health full, as the Kraken will occasionally slap you on the water’s surface, doing a large amount of damage. Eventually, the limb will throw you into the water a little ways from the ship.
    • “Tangling” arms wrap around the body of your ship, causing a large number of holes over time and pulling the ship lower in the water, so that second deck holes are also dangerous. This tentacle is the most immediately dangerous arm of the Kraken, as it can sink your ship very quickly if left intact. Gun and sword damage will make it release, though each hit splashes poisonous Kraken blood on nearby attackers, so be careful or ready with bananas. It has been reported that one of the splayed out “heads” of the tentacles coincides with this arm and can be shot to make it release faster. The Brigantine and Galleon can suffer the most in this phase if the Kraken grabs over the entrance to the lower decks, making it impossible for crewmates to get up or down. It is important to prioritize shooting the nearby tentacles in the cannon range if this is the case.
    • “Slapping” arms impact hard against the side of the ship, causing movement and damage similar to an explosive barrel. No special action is required against them, as they attack once and go back to normal. One slap generally creates around 3-5 holes.
    • “Target” arms just float around sticking straight up for you to shoot.
  • If a Kraken tentacle grabs you and you have a Cutlass equipped, you can lunge out of its mouth.
  • You begin drowning immediately under the dark water, so aim up and swim to the surface to get back to your ship.
  • The easiest way to avoid a Kraken fight is to try not to panic, turn your ship a 180° and try to sail out of the inky area as quickly as possible. This still requires some luck and supplies as the Kraken may tighten its grip around you and the larger ships like the Galleon and the Brigantine slow down to a crawl in the ink, making it much harder to get out of the ink and not get pushed around by the tentacle lashes.
  • When too low on supplies to swim out of the inky area, having a rowboat is the next best thing as the rowboat’s speed isn’t as inhibited as the speed of the ships in ink. Swimming above the inky water will not damage you, giving you a chance to collect your supplies onto the rowboat and paddle into safety. The only danger here is either the sharks that cannot be seen in the inky water or when the tentacles try to suck a player in. Apart from dragging the player down in the water, being sucked in by the tentacle does not damage the player too much, when fought free from.
  • Shooting the open “mouths” on the tentacles seems to be the fastest way to defeat them, either getting more chances at loot or dealing quickly with the more dangerous limbs.
  • When the Kraken is defeated, the inky water rapidly retreats away toward a horizon.
  • The Kraken, like the Megalodons, appears to drop loot pulled randomly from every other type of encounter in the game, so it can vary wildly from a castaway chest or crate of sugar, all the way up to a skull fort chest for each limb!
  • When cooking Kraken meat, the easiest way to tell when it’s fully cooked is to look at the outer skin with the suckers.
  • The Kraken leaves a ship very vulnerable as it is very easy to be sabotaged and sunk by other ships. Not only can they stay out of the ink and shoot you with cannonballs from afar, but sneaky pirates can also swim a bit below the surface to board your ship and even blow it up with a Gunpowder Barrel. Be very mindful of your surroundings when attacked by a Kraken.
  • Skeleton Ships can also target a Kraken if nearby. In this situation, the Kraken has been reported to wrap itself around the Skeleton Ship, trying to sink it.
  • As of Update 2.0.2, players can rescue other players from a Kraken’s clutches with the Harpoon.
  • The Kraken will take longer to defeat based upon which ship it attacks. A Sloop only needs to kill around 2 to 3 tentacles, the Brigantine 5 to 6 tentacles, and the Galleon 7 to 8 tentacles to make the Kraken leave you alone.
  • Evidence suggests that the Kraken only spawns while there is no active Skeleton Fort or Skeleton Ship Battle, i.e. no fort or ship cloud in the sky.
  • The Kraken spawn chance is a global check. Apparently only one crew at a time will be chosen to be attacked. However, the Kraken can trigger again on the same crew it last attacked.
  • Tentacles can be damaged by both Cannonballs and Weapons. As with any other encounter, one Cannonball hit equals 5 Eye of Reach hits.
  • As with other open-world Encounters, the Kraken must be hit with at least one Cannonball from your ship to count towards defeat commendations.

Sea Of Thieves How To Find The Kraken

The Sea of Thieves Kraken is a rite of passage if you want to be a pirate. It’s a spectacle every player wants to experience, but seeing as the massive boss monster can take on multiple ships at once it’s not one you want to charge into without a plan. Dealing with its crushing tentacles will require preparation both in terms of tactics and gear, so if you want a few pointers on what to do and what not to do, read on.

First thing’s first: as we mentioned in our Sea of Thieves guide if you see a giant black shape appear under your ship, get ready to fight. Eight large tentacles will spring up from the foaming sea, which is your cue to man the cannons. Using the cannonballs stored at the bottom of your ship, load the cannons by holding down Y, aim, then FIRE! You’ll obviously want to have them pointed at the tentacles first and direct your giant ammunition towards the base of the tentacle where it’s wider and there’s less chance of it missing completely.

Keep doing this, focus on one tentacle at a time, and you’ll be making a dent in the Kraken in no time.

Warning: those tentacles have a nasty tendency to grab you and hoist you up into mid-air. Don’t panic, though. As well as giving you an epic view of the battle below (looking on the bright side, I know), this is where your cutlass comes in handy. When the tentacle closed its mouth, slash and hack with your cutlass to prevent it from swallowing you. Do this at least twice and you’ll be spat out like a bruised banana. Then it’s up to you: either go back to the ship to try and salvage it before the Kraken sinks it, or attack the base of the tentacle with your cutlass to deal some damage.

Two things. One: don’t do what we did here and run around the ship screaming until we were all dead, and two: watch out for sharks as you head back to your ship, as those nasty buggers will stalk you if you spend too much time in the deep blue sea. Rejoin your fellow salty sea dogs, and you’re ready for another adventure.

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