Top 10 Hamachi Alternatives for Playing Virtual LAN Gaming [2020 Updated]

Every gamer considers the multiplayer nature of the game as the primary factor. Most developers create games for PC keeping this multiplayer factor in mind. If you want your friends to join your multiplayer game, you all should always be connected to the Internet. Instead what if you can think of an easy method to connect all your PCs by creating a local area network (LAN)?

Hamachi is one such application that can serve your needs for the best multiplayer games and LAN for the purpose. Hamachi has been one of the best and potential virtual LAN creators and gaining popularity in the recent days. Yet, looking for the best Hamachi alternatives can help you if it does not work or goes wrong in any manner.

Best Hamachi alternatives you should know as a gamer

Although Hamachi caters several great features, it comes with a few disadvantages as well. Hamachi allows you to connect with only up to 5 clients and after which it is not free of cost. The paid one is quite costly as well and may not affordable by every gamer.

Hence checking some Hamachi alternatives is essential in case you face any aforementioned issues.

#1: Evolve

Evolve is one of the best Hamachi alternatives for those who want to enjoy additional features apart from virtual LAN for multiplayer gaming. It exhibits a wonderful performance and amazing features like party mode and matchmaking operability.

It offers a friendly user interface that is simple and easy to go with. It uses Stream like functionality and operates effectively making it practical with every game you play. It also provides in-app purchases by integrating with a gaming platform and allows you to purchase games of your choice.

#2: GameRanger

GameRanger is one of the best LAN gaming solutions, which was previously working well in Mac OS but now, the platform has been expanded even further for PC games as well. This platform offers the best security features and functionalities and tops among other alternatives.

Moreover, GameRanger does not depend on any collaboration and uses its own client for creating a virtual LAN environment. The only problem would be Hamachi lets you play any LAN game, whereas GameRanger limits its versatility.

#3: NetOverNet

NetOverNet is one of the excellent options and Hamachi alternatives, which is a VPN emulator and provides an easy interface while playing. You can connect multiple PCs and clients with NetOverNet. If you are looking for a basic LAN support for your gaming, this is the best choice.

#4: Wippien

It is lightweight in structure and adapts the simplest form of creating a virtual LAN environment. It uses simple emulators for LAN connectivity without occupying much space. If you do not want to mess up with all lines connected together, it even offers person–person connectivity using open-source code.

#5: FreeLAN

You can mold your Local LAN as a personal private network by using FreeLAN. This is again an open-source tool and works well for all your high-end customizations. It ensures high-speed performance from in and out of the game and delivers no lags when playing games. It does not include any graphical user interface, which helps users to customize it the way they wish to.

#6: ZeroTier

ZeroTier is the most preferred and opted by most of the gamers because of its practical working tendency and being the best Hamachi alternative. It works well on all operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. This is again available open-source and goes easily with all services and platforms.

#7: SoftEther

It is a powerful VPN tool whose full form is Software Ethernet. Unlike other Hamachi alternatives, SoftEther supports Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. It gives access to a plethora of applications and tools. This tool tops the list when considering the security issues, the presence of AES 256-bit and RSA 4096 bit encryption satisfies all the privacy needs of the users.

#8: Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is one of the best Hamachi alternatives as it does not limit users to connect with each other through LAN. It performs with high speed, and so you may not face any high ping issues with it. By the way, our study points out that the VPN offers near about 100 MBPS speed and also provides a secure way of accessing WWW.

#9: P2PVPN

P2PVPN provides a simple user interface and basic features. Basically, it is an open-source developed using Java, by a single developer as an individual project but performs the task of creating a VPN as well. Being developed by the open-source programming language Java, the tool is entirely free to access and designed with simple UI and comes with basic features which are so simple to access.

#10: NeoRouter

With NeoRouter, you can create and manage private and public servers with the help of the Internet. You get high-level security features, and likewise, it unblocks many websites you cannot even try reaching earlier. It goes well with all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. For those who are looking for a secure alternative for Hamachi, this NeoRouter could be the apt one.


Hoping you make use of any of these Hamachi alternatives in the least case. With the above-mentioned alternative sites for Hamachi, you can play some games with all your friends at the same time and experience the insanely fun.

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