Top 7 Best DS Emulators for iOS – Play Classic Nintendo DS Games

We have discussed the necessity/importance of DS emulators to play classic Nintendo games, in our previous blogs. Therefore today, we will look at top DS emulators that bring back your favorite childhood Nintendo games to your iOS devices. The recent versions of Nintendo emulators seem to have a great role in classic Nintendo DS games and introduced before ages in the market.

Who wouldn’t like to play the favorite childhood games back in adult age? It would be a dream for many especially during this online going COVID-19 pandemic where the entire world if facing lockdown to restrict the virus spreading. By making of the DS emulators on your iOS gadgets you can simply make the dream of playing NDS games true.

Although a wide range of Nintendo emulators available in today’s market, choosing the best DS emulator for iOS is always a challenging thing to do. To break the rule, here we go with the 7 best Nintendo DS emulator iOS for your benefit.

Top 7 Best DS emulators for iOS You Can Find in 2020

Check out our list of top best DS emulators by using which one can easily roll back the ages by playing NDS games on their iOS gadgets. All the below-listed emulators are tested by our experts before posting it here for our reader’s benefits.

#1: Drastic DS emulator

This is one of the best DS emulators for iOS that performs with high speed. It offers a user-friendly experience and acts as a reliable Nintendo DS emulator with the help of in-built MOGA support.

Benefits of using Drastic DS emulator

  • Enhances video resolution while playing and meanwhile, 3D-enabled as well.
  • Allows playing in both landscape and portrait modes.
  • Allows generating more than a thousand cheat codes.
  • You can quit in the middle of the game, yet the app saves it and resumes when you are back.
  • Enables in sync with Google Drive option along with splendid game control options.

#2: GBA4iOS

GBA stands for game boy advance, and the GBA4iOS DS emulator brings GBA games straight to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It supports older version games and evergreen simple functionality and high performance.

Benefits of GBA4iOS emulator

  • Brings in additional features such as AirPlay, Dropbox Sync, and Cheats.
  • However, it is available as an open-source code which is an added support for GB and GBC games.
  • Supports the latest models of iPhone.
  • Comes with several advanced features such as URL scheme GBC, controller skins, and multiplayer support and allows you to save states.

#3: iNDS emulator

This is again one of the Nintendo DS emulator iOS that runs only if you have iOS 9 or greater. But to use this emulator, you should jailbreak your device and then use it. You may need more than 256 MB RAM and a special graphics card to run this emulator on your iPhone or any iOS device.

Benefits of iNDS emulator

  • It offers features based on the NDS4iOS emulator; so you get more functionality to play with.
  • It operates at full speed on iPhones after the fifth model.
  • It provides frequent updates that ensure consistency and avoids interruption while playing.

#4: NDS4iOS

NDS4iOS is one of the popular Nintendo Ds emulator iOS, but it does not let you install it from the app store; instead, you should rely on a third-party source as few other emulators do. Otherwise, you cannot blame this emulator for any lack of performance. Few wonderful options which work pretty well on iOS 7 and iOS 8 version. However, it did not go well with the iOS 9 version.

Benefits of NDS4iOS emulator

  • Allows easy installation through apps like TuTu with the help of an IPA file.
  • You get many alternative sources for the free installation of this emulator.
  • Provides an extraordinary performance when compared to other emulators in this platform.

#5: Duos emulator

If you have computers of ages and wish to play NDS games, the Duos emulator is the apt one. Though it does not cater to a great user interface, still it is easy and quick to set up and use.

Benefits of Duos emulator

  • Without utilizing plenty of resources, the emulator runs the downloaded games effectively.
  • You can load the game with a single click and run it as per the prompts.
  • It offers great sound quality and compatibility working on other devices, therefore making it a perfect one.

#6: No cash GBA emulator

This is the best Nintendo DS emulator for iOS, as it runs the most challenging DS games on multiple devices without any trouble.

Benefits of No$GBA emulator

  • Similar to other emulators, this emulator also does not require huge resources to function.
  • The software requirement is intensive but at the same time, does not interrupt the performance of graphics.
  • It provides gamepad support, reading options for multiple ROMs, and multiplayer support as well.

#7: DeSmuMe emulator

This emulator exhibits great compatibility with both iOS and Mac devices. You can play all commercial and homebrew games without any hindrance and delays.

Benefits of DeSmuMe emulator

  • This can be downloaded from the best and largest online resource that hosts the best ROMs.
  • It caters to a perfect sound reproduction for NDS ROMs.
  • It.s also offers additional features such as gamepad support and cheats code.


Wrapping up, if you are looking to know about the best Nintendo DS emulator for iOS, then hopefully you might like this blog. You can try installing and using any of these emulators and share your valuable experience with us.

If you found any emulators missed from our list, feel free to comment below. Our experts will cross-check and update our lists of best Nintendo DS emulator of iOS gadgets.

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