How to Get In-App Purchases for Free on iOS?

You might be fond of any app or game and wish to access every other feature it offers. But you will have to pay for those features which in other terms called as in-app purchases. Every other app in iOS does have in-app purchases and comes as a paid subscription. In this article, we will show you how to get free in-app purchases iOS with a simple jailbreak tweak. Moreover, children when they access any app in your Apple phone by mistake tap on these in-app purchases, many parents tend to lose money.

Since jailbreaking is legal with iOS devices, you need not worry about doing so. Before we dive into the topic, let us see in what way in-app purchases work for iOS apps.

What is an in-app purchase?

An in-app purchase is purchasing some premium features or level unlocks of an application or game irrespective of whether the app is free to use or not. These in-app purchases appear near the app’s Price, Buy or Get button in the App store.

It can also be assumed as buying of goods or services to enhance in a game or use an application properly. Not every feature in any app comes for free, few will be paid. Sometimes, you may see that as a pop-up when you open your app. The in-app purchase can be used to sell or to provide services to the users by the app developers. Meanwhile, the in-app purchase can be done on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

There are varieties of in-app purchase you can do on your iOS gadget, take a look over the lists of in-app purchase types

  • Get lots of coins
  • Get new items
  • Go to the pro version
  • Remove Ads
  • Extra point
  • Extra health
  • Pass level for you
  • Get free services
  • Pay for upgrades

How these in-app purchases appear?

Well, as per the above-mentioned type in-app purchases may be in the form of coins, new items, a newer version in an app, and removal of ads, extra points, extra health, quick pass a level, free services, and upgrades if any. However, in whatever state they appear users need to spend a significant amount of money to remove those restrictions to enjoy all those premium features/functions of the apps.

However, there are a few possible ways by which users can able to break the in-app purchase operation and enjoy the restricted premium features/functions of apps. In most cases, users prefer these types of operations to play high-profile games in which several modes restricted under in-app purchase mode.

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How to get free in-app purchases with easy Cydia Jailbreak?

You have several iOS apps that have in-app purchases and to avail free in-app purchases, you should be playing a free game. There are certain steps to follow to install a Cydia tweak app in your iPhone.

Step 1: First, you have to jailbreak your iPhone using Cydia. So you should install the Cydia app first and go with the following instructions.

Step 2: Confirm that the Cydia app is installed and open the app. Now add the following repo sources such as and Once you see the packaging done message on your app screen, leave it as it is, and wait for the process to fix on its own. It takes from 8 to 10 minutes for packaging to be completed.

Step 3: Next on the search bar in Cydia, enter LocaliAPStore, and search for it. Once you find it, install it accordingly.  LocaliAPStore is something similar to setting and you can enable and disable anytime.

Step 4: If the installation is complete, go to Settings. Look for LocaliAPStore and tap it. Now you will find two options-Enable free in-app purchases, receive notifications after making an in-app purchase. Turn on both the options and exit from Settings. However, the second one is not mandatory.

Step 5: Next, install and open the game you want. For availing a free in-app purchase, tap any item from the list as per availability in the app. The minute you tap, it prompts you to provide the Apple ID. Now press Cancel so that you can make your free in-app purchase. This is how you end up with purchasing in-app items for free of cost with the help of Cydia app.

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Alternatives to LocaliAPStore

There are several alternatives available in place of LocaliAPStore for entitling free in-app purchases. For your knowledge, IAP Cracker, IAPCrazy2, and IAPFree are also the Cydia tweaks that you can enjoy. All these apps serve the same functionality.

Can I claim my refund for in-app purchases if my device is not jailbroken?

If you have already opted for a paid subscription and have not jailbroken your iPhone, you can raise a refund request with the App Store admin. You can specify the following reasons and get it done.

  • If the in-app purchase does not work;
  • If it is not compatible with your Apple device;
  • Any false description that could get your money back.

You can raise a request using any of the aforementioned reasons from your PC and make it happen.

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You should remember that this jailbreaking process works on iOS 10.3.3 and above versions only. So before you intend to install the Cydia app, make sure that your Apple device meets the required criteria. Otherwise, you can happily go with the free in-app purchases iOS using the Cydia tweak.

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