Make Travelling Easy: 5 Apps You Must Download


Whether you are a travel enthusiast or have many errands to run, here is a list of apps that can help you cut the hassles.

If you ponder on how massively the transportation industry is changing you will get chills of disbelieve. Centuries back people used to travel on animals then came the time of cars and carts. Gradually airplanes were invented to bring ease and so the journey begins where the travelers begin to get fascinated.

With the arrival of smartphone, a new avenue was discovered which presented mobile application. The famous Uber app sets the basic standard to provide transportation facility from door to door to the customers. With that idea, many developers began to create app like Uber.

Uber has such a professional framework that it helps in providing stress-free functionality. A user can book a ride and even split fares along with tracking the exact geo location of both the passenger and driver. So, lets learn about the many other apps that you can download to bring ease in your life when planning to hit the road.

Hopper- The Seamless Travel App

For those who travel frequently might have experienced the frustration of getting over-priced tickets which gets discounted only days later they have booked it. At such a time, Hopper comes to assistance. The app is best for those who plan out their trips in advance. Simply insert your desired location and date of travelling and the app will notify you about the best time to book the ticket. In this way, you will be able to get a ticket at comparatively lowest price.

Culture Trip App- An Easy Search Option

Culture Trip App is more like a tour guide. It guides you about the many places that you can visit. Depending upon your requirements, a list of places is created with individual information related to it. The app provides comprehensive information about that place helping the user to understand where is he about to go.

LoungeBuddy- Your Airport Buddy

Finding a comfortable place to sit and relax at Airports is the most difficult thing to do. You roam around the lounge and look for an empty place with all your bags and luggage. It’s a bit stressful when you have your family with you too.

Therefore, the app LoungeBuddy is here to help you out. It will provide you with the basic details to choose the lounge for yourself. Moreover, the app will notify you just when a new spot gets available. In this way, you do not have to stare longingly at the faces of people resting there. You will have a place for your family too without any trouble.

Duolingo- The Great Language App

Duolingo is an easy to use mobile app that is designed for language learners. You can learn any language when you plan to travel in different countries. The app has short courses that bring ease in grasping the basics of any language. You begin to talk like all those natives of the regions. You can access voice-overs to know the right pronunciations and can even attempt online test for your further assurance.

The app provides a fun-filled game-like interface that helps in improvising the usability. It attracts users and increases the engagements. You do not feel stuck nor uninteresting. The app is free from any jargons; instead, it teaches in a simple manner.

Google Maps

Much like every other Google products, Google Maps is one of the finest geolocation tracking apps that has ever been added in the Play or App Store. The app provides comprehensive functionality. It assists the travellers in every way whether it’s about linking the app with another ride-booking app or facilitating with different features including the exact time to reach and mode of travel.

You simply have to enter details about the location you are planning to go and select the mode of transport- walk, car, bike, or train. After that, it will show the proper information and the safest route to follow. You can even check the traffic report and other hazardous elements that might hinder your way.