Top 15 Hotel WordPress Themes | Free & Premium

The best hotel of free and premium looking WordPress themes for online booking, apartments, holiday home booking, accommodation, motels, and resorts! Many quality editing themes allow users to create a powerful website for their activities. Usually operating a resort theme before creating an internet site to help guests locate or locate the status of a hotel address page, their business page, and additional traffic for additional customers. By misbehaving with the built-in reservation system, you will be able to manage all reservation requests from the dashboard, get the air of the reservation calendar, and simply produce the type of payment.


The Colina Resort and Hotel WordPress theme is designed specifically for accommodation, bed and breakfast, transportation, and any type of food business, and for those who offer accommodation-related services. The Colina model encodes a stunning and distinctive style that will best fit your on-line internet presence.


Dock Resort Resort’s WordPress theme can be a great theme designed for resorts, hotels, villas, guesthouses, or other travelers and food business ventures who want the convenience of all accommodations within overall best practices. Each accommodation includes a nice page, where Ediff’s owners will organize all knowledge on rooms and services with tremendous booking types.

Tejal Hotel

Tejal is attractive. A beautiful and attractive addiction booking WordPress theme designed for every form of hotel, resort, motel, room, and accommodation services. The theme provides very enjoyable and gratifying user expertise with a strong search type, good photo galleries, a seasonal rating area, and an integrated gateway. Plus, it will increase bookings with the integrated and advanced on-line booking type. Also, you’ll be able to get the simplest potential to have the benefit of the amazing space, blog about, restaurants and speak to displays.


Rokka can be a trendy addition, motor hotel theme, and WordPress lodging. It offers a contemporary and chic style with a classic touch. Rokka has everything a Hotel wants. Useful and integrated reservation system. Various booking types still have full-menu compatibility, along with dining practicality.


Sunway is probably a holiday rental WordPress theme designed to help you build a profitable vacation rental business. This theme is built with the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin. This is why the theme stands out due to the integrated management and WordPress reservation software system.


The Millennia WordPress Theme can be a responsive WordPress theme designed specifically for hotels, youth hostels, retailers and residences, a reservation system, and vacation rentals in a complete package. Has been developed for the most recent version of WordPress. Millennia supports all reactive systems and sounds good on all devices.


The Hotello WordPress Theme can be a responsive WordPress theme for additional bookings designed specifically for hotels, cottages, resorts, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and accommodation. Advice such as hotels, seasonal rates, reservation management, taxes, multifamily rates, etc. depending on the management options for booking. With our advanced booking management, customers will be booking their rooms in and around.

Hotel Zante

Hotel Zante Hotel Edifice The WordPress theme for booking can be a WordPress theme designed for the Hotel, a hostel, associate degree lodging, a space reservation, or another accommodation service. It comes with a web booking and booking system. The theme is optimized by bootstrap and 100% responsive. It options a novel, modern, light-weight, and sleek style which will offer your website an unbelievable look. It comes with four different home page layouts and a robust options panel that enables you to customize the theme only while not giving you programming information.


The Hoteller WordPress Theme can be a responsive WordPress theme designed specifically for hotels, resorts, and residences with a complete reservation system in thematic packages. Recently built with WordPress technology. Hoteller supports responsive layouts specifically designed for hotels, resorts, or lodging websites so that they look good on any device. It has reservation management options like seasonal rating, reservation management, multifaceted rate, and excess.

Hotel Luxe

The luxury resort is the most important WordPress theme for those who want to create any form of a website. It is a novel resolution for almost all types of hotels, resorts, lodges, cottages, cottages, studios, inns, etc. Its initial goal is to help you manage your room, customer reservation, and on-line reservation, list of tariffs. Make plans with your mind-blowing style and incredible user expertise, you will be able to produce your dream website and attract additional customers.

Best Hotel

The WordPress theme Temp has supported an edit that wants your initial Hotel (as a developer!). Well, Bestel is an associate degree awning and stylish premium WordPress theme, designed primarily for hotel-related services, which helps you create an excellent and distinctive website in no time.

Hozing Hotel

Hozing Hotel booking can be a WordPress theme Hotel management and reservation system. The front-end system makes it straightforward to book with receivable room calendars and over eighty payment gateways.

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Sonora is a gorgeous and fashionable WordPress theme that is good for any hotel, resort, villa, B&B, or any type of Edifice Trade website. It comes with an attractive header with several built-in indicators for the banner. The theme provides reasonably pleasing user expertise and will enhance booking with a sophisticated booking type on the homepage. With the help of our gallery, you can highlight your stunning and incredible editing photos and videos. Words will not do it justice.


Enrich can be a clean and trendy Hotel, resort, inn, apartment, Hotel business WordPress business enterprise theme. It comes with a fairly comprehensive reservation management system that currently exists on the market which enables you to convert your website guests into actual editorial guests! You’ll be able to produce rooms, manage reservations, set versatile costs, and more.


The Howello theme incorporates a stunning and distinctive style that will best fit your internet presence. It is 100% responsive and has been tested on all major handheld devices.

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