Xomgiaitri | is it Safe? | Ranking | IP Address

Xomgiaitri is a site that is overall safe in nature. In this article, we shall discuss several aspects of the Xomgiaitri site.

The Xomgiaitri site redirects to mobile.coivl.net. And, it has the icon of a mobile phone.  A sub of mobile.coivl.net is called mobile.coivl.net icon. Coivl.net, a pretty well-known website, is ranked #10,958 in the United States. Also, it ranks 65,043 globally for traffic. Further, it has  a good pagerank of 4.5, Of course, the website has a good number of backlinks.

The content is hosted by the Cloudflare CDN server. Thus, it has the IP address and is based in the United States.

The website’s registration with Ionos SE expires in one month and twenty-five days.

Xomgiaitri overview

We will discuss a brief overview of the website in this post. In fact, we shall learn many new things about this site in general.

We shall start with the most basic aspect of this site, that is, the domain name. The domain name of the site is xomgiaitri.com. Further, it is registered with Ionos SE. Now, we talk about the registration date as well as the expiration date of the site. The registration date of the site was 12th December, 2010. But the site’s expiration date is quite near. In fact, it is on 12th December, 2023.

Also the site redirects to coivl.net by default. Cloudfare Inc. is hosting the webpage and the SSL Certificate owner of the site is also Cloudfare Inc. Moreover, the company is based in San Francisco, California which is in the United States. Of course, the server location of the site is also the United States. In fact, Ionos SE is its hosting partner as well and the registration date for the hosting is on 2nd April, 2015. Further, the expiration date of the hosting is on 2nd April 2023. Also, the first archive date of the website was seven years ago, on 10th January, 2016. Most importantly, the site falls under the category of Blogs/wiki. The United States also stands as the top visitor country for this site.

Xomgiaitri Information

We can call a word cloud as a tag cloud or text cloud. In fact, it is a visual depiction of a text in which words are sized as per how frequently the site uses them. The visualisation of unstructured text data and the finding of trends and patterns are both made possible by word clouds.

A free online tool for creating tag clouds and word clouds is Wordclouds.com. Your computer, tablet, or phone may all use Wordclouds.com. To create a word or tag cloud automatically, paste text, upload a document, or open a URL.

For example, one can also find the word cloud of the Xomgiaitri site. In fact, it consists of the words ‘automatically’, ‘below’, ‘click’, ‘seconds’, ‘pass’, ‘requested’, ‘redirected’ and ‘protection’.

The size of the page is 3.3 kB( or, 3401 bytes). Further, the text to code ratio of the site is 11.44%. A free online application called HTML Analyzer can be used to examine a website’s HTML statistics.

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Here, we describe the text to code ratio in detail. The percentage of text that is actually code on a given web page is known as the code to text ratio. In fact, the text is the actual text information on the page. But, the code refers to a HTML code that is placed on the page. A better user interface is indicated by a higher word to HTML ratio.


The famous tool Google Analytics takes care of the analytics and tracking bit of the website. Google Analytics is a tool that gathers information from your apps and websites to provide data that give you insights into how well your business is doing. Further, Google Analytics is a web analytics service that delivers data and basic analysis tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and sales uses. Anyone with a Google account can use the service for free. Of course, it is a part of the Google Marketing Platform. You can get helpful info about your audience with Google Analytics. And, this will aid you in determining the channels that bring the most visitors to your website. More data about your website’s users are provided in the Audience area. And, this includes their age, profession, interests, devices, and locations.

The CDN of the site is Cloudfare. And, the tag manager of the site is the Google Tag manager.

One can add and edit their own tags for conversion tracking on their site. Also, you can keep a track of website analytics, remarketing, and other purposes using Tag Manager. You can alter tags at any time thanks to the easy design. And, there are near limitless methods to monitor activity across each of your websites and apps. Simple, durable, and seamless integration are all features of Google Tag Manager. Also, it is important to note that the tool is available for free.


Almost all ranking sites consider Xomgiaitri.com as a safe site. Thus, it is a safe and reliable site for sure. For example, the antivirus sites that count xomgiaitri.com to be safe and secure are:

  • Google Safe Browsing
  • McAfee WebAdvisor
  • CleanBrowsing Family Filter
  • OpenDNS FamilyShield
  • AdGuard Family
  • SafeDNS
  • DNS Family

However, the only safe ranking site that considers xomgiaitri.com to be unsafe is the Neustar family secure tool. It classifies Xomgiaitri as an unsafe or not family friendly site.


The headings of any site constitute the title, h1 headings, h2 headings, and so on. However, on this site there is only the h1 heading. In fact, to be more specific, there is just one single h1 heading on the site.

Xomgiaitri IP addresses

Now we can talk about the most important aspect of the Xomgiaitri site. Of course, that refers to the IP address of the site.

The IP address of the site is If you look up this IP address on any of the IP address locator sites, you will find that the site is based in the United States. Of course, it matches with the info that we mentioned earlier regarding this site. Further, the site that the webpage redirects to is mobile.coivl.net. The IP address of this site is

Xomgiaitri Rankings

Since the Xomgiaitri website is quite secure, it also has pretty decent rankings. In this article, we will talk about all the ranks it has received across various ranking tools. For example, its Alexa rank is 2,309,191. Further, its Alexa rank has seen a hike of 1,457,860 since 1st April, 2022.

Again, the umbrella rank of Xomgiaitri is 997,731. Quantcast has ranked the site at 137,911 and this rank has not changed since 1st March, 2020.

As we have already mentioned before, the domain name of the site is mobile.coivl.net. Also, this domain has an open pagerank of 4.51 which is quite fair. Moreover, the umbrella rank of this domain is 171,773.

Xomgiaitri registrar details

The expiry date for the registry of Xomgiaitri is 12th December, 2023. And, the name of the registrar for the domain is Ionos SE. In case you need to contact the registrar, you can mail them at the registrar abuse contact mail which is [email protected].

However, here we retract the name of the registrant due to some privacy reasons. The name of the registrant organization is 1&1 Internet INC. And, the registrant company is based in Pennsylvania, USA.

Xomgiaitri FAQs

1.    What is the network name for Xomgiaitri domain?

Ans: The name of the network for Xomgiaitri is CLOUDFLARENET. And, the network range for the same is

2.    What is the address of the network company?

Ans: Here, we shall talk about the address of CLOUDFLARENET. The address for the firm is 101 Townsend Street, San Francisco, California, USA. For contacting the admin, you can reach out to them at [email protected]. On the other hand, for reporting of abuse, you can reach out to them at [email protected].

3.    What is the registrant name for Xomgiaitri?

Ans: We cannot mention the registrant’s name for Xomgiaitri due to security purposes. However, if you want to reach out to them, you can contact them at [email protected].

4.    Is Xomgiaitri safe?

Ans: Xomgiaitri is a safe site in general. In fact, there are 8 tools which have ranked the site in terms of its data breach protocols. And, 7 out of 8 tools have termed it as safe. Only Neustar Family Secure has called it ‘unsafe’ or ‘not family friendly’.

5.    Can we use google analytics for tracking Xomgiaitri?

Ans: You must first register for an account with Google Analytics in order to assess a website. Then, each page on your website needs to have a short piece of JavaScript measure code added to it. Thus, the tracking code will gather raw data on a user’s actions on a webpage each time they visit it.