Rojadirectaenvivo – A Website for All Football Lovers

Rojadirectaenvivo has been around for 3 years and 11 months. It is the 3,633rd most popular website in Mexico and the 2,753rd most popular website overall.

The website was created using jQuery and PHP. The content is provided by the Cloudflare CDN server, which has an IP address of and is situated in the United States.

The website’s registration with Google LLC is up for renewal in 12 days, and 2 hours.

Rojadirectaenvivo Review

Business Review

The owner of the site is a secret. As spammers use this data to email website owners, this may be done for a good reason. But, it also makes it tough to see who the owner is. We would prefer if his real identity were out on the site.

Website Evaluation

We upgraded our website evaluation because Tranco gave it a good ranking. Website famousness or the number of monthly visitors and listings are two things used by Tranco to rank sites. How many other sites link to the site because they think it is good.

This site’s domain name was taken many years ago. In general, a site becomes more legit the older it is. However, con artists sometimes buy the existing sites and begin their bad activities. So make sure you look for other bad signs.

We tried to look for the website’s content, but we were not able to. It could mean a small tech glitch, the loss of content or activity on the website, or even that it is intentionally thwarting our attempts to examine the data it is providing. We advise caution because we review more than 2 million websites each month. It is advised to conduct additional research to find out if this website is legitimate or a hoax.

Technical Analysis

Since the data exchanged between your browser and the site is safe and sound by others, we were able to identify an SSL certificate.

Legitimate and secure websites always employ SSL certificates. Sadly, scammers are using SSL certificates more and more, so there is no guarantee that you are visiting a legit site.

Rojadirectaenvivo Competitors

With 9.7M visitors in Dec 2022, will be the best rival of Also, Similarweb data said this to us on the basis of monthly visits. With 4.6M visitors in Dec 2022, also ranks as the 2nd most famous site. Then,, with 226.3K visits, is out at the top 3.

The 4th most same site to this is Then, the 5th most same site is Also, in Dec 2022, there were 64.0K visits to and 79.9K visits to

The top 10 list also has It had 358.9K visits in Dec 2022. Then, had 2.3K visits in Dec 2022. Then, the other five sites are which had 12.2M visits in Dec 2022. After this, had 27.9K visits in Dec 2022. After that, had 2.3K visits in Dec 2022. Then, had 15.8 M visits in Dec 2022 also.

Rojadirectaenvivo Website Review

Cloudflare Inc. is the host. It is a United States-based server location and is logged into Google LLC. The date of registration is 13 February 2019. So, it is three years and eleven months old. Moreover, it expires on February 13, 2023, which is in 9 days and 2 hours.

The date of the initial archive is 9 May 2020 which was 2 years and 8 months ago.

Mexico is the top visitor nation and the category of this site is Sports.

Rojadirectaenvivo Technologies

The advertising company of this site is AdsKeeper

Then, the analytics and tracking works are done by the company It really helps in the working of this site. The CDN is again Cloudflare. Also, the JavaScript libraries is jQuery as mentioned above.

1.8.2 jQuery version 1.8.2. The programming language used in this website is PHP as it is there above.

The Protocols and Standards of this website are Gzip, HTML version 5, HTTP version 2.3 and TLS version 1.3.

Rojadirectaenvivo Rankings

The site name of this site is A good measure of page views and users is Alexa Rank. Its traffic rank is based on 3 months’ worth of old traffic data collected from millions of people (reach). There are no metrics for subdomains. The lower the rank value, which shows a place in the rating, the better.

Based on Open Source data, it has data from roughly 3 billion online sites. So, Open PageRank is a free choice to Google PageRank. It gives a true estimate of a site’s real profile.

Based on the number of distinct client IPs visiting this domain in relation to the total number of requests to all domains, umbrella rank is a domain position in Cisco Umbrella 1 Million, a ranking of the top 1 million most popular domains. The popularity of internet activity across all ports and protocols from all applications, not only online activity from browsers over port 80, is reflected in the ranking.

The Alexa rank is 2753. It fell 93 units since 15th Jan 2023. Next, the Open PageRank is not available. The Umbrella Rank has been between 530532 to 548911 since December 1, 2022.

Rojadirectaenvivo Site Traffic

The daily visitors to this site are 536.2 thousand people. Also, the monthly visitors are 16.27 million people. Again, the daily pageviews are 2.28 million people and the monthly pageviews are 70.58 million people.

The site is very safe. The rating is 8/8. There are many companies that have marked this site as safe. They are:

  • Google Safe Browsing
  • McAfee We advisor
  • Clean browsing Family Filter
  • Neustar Family Secure
  • OpenDNS FamilyShield
  • AdGuard Family
  • SafeDNS
  • DNS Family

Rojadirectaenvivo FAQs

1.    Is this site safe?

So, yes, this site is completely safe.

2.    What can you watch on this site?

There are a lot of things you can watch here. But, most of the visitors watch Football here.

3.    What is the language of this site?

The language on this site is in Spanish. But you can easily translate it to English using Google Translate.