Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives 2020

There are abundant anime movies and shows for and liked by the audience of several age groups recently. Thus, the demand for watching anime movies has increased and led to the introduction of sites like KissAnime. KissAnime has been one of the favorite Anime online streaming sites for multiple Anime movie lovers.

However, there is nothing wrong to look for KissAnime alternatives even you are a die-hard fan of KissAnime. But before that, many of you want to know whether KissAnime site closed or still active. We have thrown some light on that part as well in the following sections.

Is KissAnime site closed?

We can’t ignore the fact that KissAnime is the real paradise for the person who loves to watch Anime Series. And without any doubt, KissAnime is one of the biggest online Anime Series Streaming site.

Since KissAnime is not a legally approved website, most of the time you could see the site is closed or unable to reach comments on the page. This happens commonly to every popular Anime website. The KissAnime site is closed but works under an alternate website called

Features of KissAnime

  • Free online streaming of animation movies and shows across the world.
  • Caters a wide range of animation shows of multiple genres.
  • Great user interface with appealing and easy-to-understand content along with an advanced content library.
  • Watch your favorite anime movies and shows in your own language and with English subtitles as well.
  • The video quality is of high definition and so the app sets your viewing experience to high.

List of 10 Best KissAnime Alternatives in 2020

Worried about KissAnime site went closed! Well, here in this article we have listed the top 10 best KissAnime Alternatives 2020 where you can witness live streaming anime videos. Moreover, there are few sites where you can find sites better than KissAnime in terms of interfacing medium and also the video quality of streaming Anime series.

Check out our lists of top 10 alternatives to KissAnime site 2020.

#1: Anime Freak

Anime Freak is one of the best KissAnime alternatives through which you can enjoy streaming anime movies endlessly. You can access the site at


  • Comes with vast library shows and in picture-perfect HD quality.
  • You need not pay any money to access the site and watch your favorite ones.
  • No registration or sign up is required.
  • Enlists all the episodes of your favorite shows and lets you watch them in a sequence.

#2: Anime Planet

This is similar to Anime Freak but comes in an organized manner allowing you to sort out your favorites based on certain parameters. You can visit the website at


  • Provides unique categorizations with amazing filters.
  • It is a free service to use and displays reviews of shows and movies from viewers.
  • You can create your own community and become friends with like-minded people as well.

#3: Crunchyroll

This is quite an aged one that was launched in 2006 and has been a favorite site to most of the anime fans. You can take a look at this website at


  • Provides multi-language support and the best KissAnime alternative.
  • Displays licensed content; so you need not worry about the website’s availability.
  • Caters splendid anime shows with HD quality.
  • You get both free and paid subscription to watch your content.

#4: GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime offers the best viewing experience in an extraordinary manner. You can check the website at


  • Caters a wide range of anime shows and movies.
  • You can search for your favorite shows or movies in alphabetical order, which is a good one.
  • It offers great adaptability and flexibility of using the website.

#5: 9Anime

9Anime stays one step ahead from all other websites specified till now. It allows you to download anime movies or shows and watch them at your convenience. You can view the website at


  • Access to 26000 enlightening titles in its library.
  • Can post with a movie of your request if not found.
  • Comes with advanced filters for searching movies.

#6: Animelab

You can access Animelab via If you are much fond of Japan anime shows, then you will love this site.


  • Clear titles with picture-perfect HD quality.
  • Play any shows or movies comfortably from any visual device.
  • Can be accessed through Xbox One, PS, Samsung TV, Apple TV, etc.

#7: Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is one of the best KissAnime alternatives as it caters to animation shows in the world-class quality. You can take a look at this website at


  • Access to plenty of anime shows for no cost.
  • Similar to 9Anime, you can download anime movies and watch it later.

#8: Anime Season

Watch your favorite anime shows and movies at


  • Offers the best user interface website.
  • Free to watch with very least ads popping up.
  • Provides unique filters and HD video quality.


You can visit to know more details. It replicates KissAnime as it is and the best KissAnime alternatives too.


  • User-friendly interface
  • No registration required.

#10: Anime Streams

This is a top and leading anime streaming website on the Internet. You can visit the site at


  • Free to watch any anime movies or shows.
  • Caters dubbed movies with English subtitles.


Almost all KissAnime alternatives serve the same purpose and close features too. The uniqueness is all about how the user interfaces design and experience of watching your favorite shows/movies are.

Feel free to comment below or to mail us if you found anything that went missing on our list of top 10 best KissAnime alternatives 2020. Our experts will authenticate your message, and we will update the content.

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