Best CCTV Camera In India For Your Home And Office

Best CCTV Camera in India that are very much advanced and improved. In the past few years, people were putting notice board with the term ‘Beware of Dogs’ on their gates to prevent thieves. 

But nowadays, the word is changed to “This property is under CCTV surveillance.” This word is making thieves to scare of being caught.  

As thieves are always like to play safe, and they don’t want to get caught. Hence, you have to think about what to do, built a board on a gate. 

It is sufficient to install the best CCTV camera in your home to defend your essential properties. But most of the modern residential apartment are installing this security system to secure their residents. 

Almost in every bank, offices, jewelry shops, restaurants, and departmental stores have this security system. In below the paragraph, 4 Best CCTV Camera is mention that will protect your property. 

  1. V380 Wireless HD IP Security Camera 

V380 is an IP security camera that is using in offices, shops, and industries. It is an indoor CCTV camera that is very much easier to install and set up. 

You don’t have to concern about the wires because V380 is a wireless camera. You can easily set up the camera with the help of your WiFi network.

It is also providing a two-way audio function which will allow you to communicate with your loved ones. You can easily control the V380 with the help of a mobile app through your smartphone. 

V380 is coming up with an SD card requirement in which you can easily record video and images directly in the memory card. But it is also supporting 64 GB memory card. 

It has a motion detection function that is very useful, particularly in the night time. You can also switch angles and rotate the camera from anywhere. 


It has an Inbuilt rotating motor.

Control from distant places

High-quality videos and images

IR Night vision


64GB SD Card is very much small

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  1. Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless Indoor Security Camera

Sricam is one of the most popular and best CCTV camera brands available on the Indian market. It is very much easy to set up and install in your house, office, and industry. 

Sricam SP Series SP005 is very much easy to use and control. But you can also control it through WiFi from anywhere in the world.

You can also control this camera through smartphones and tablets by installing the particular app. Sricam SP005 has belonged to the category of PTZ camera. 

It is an indoor CCTV camera, and you can easily set up it anywhere inside your house. But this camera is come up with IR night vision capabilities and the motion detection feature. 

It is delivering high-resolution 720p HD images that will help you to view the targets quickly. Sricam SP005 is a providing 355-degree tilting feature that allows you to see as long as possible.


Motion Detection Feature 

Control from remote locations

Easy to use and install 

Worth the price


Runs on AC, therefore unsuccessful during a power unconsciousness 

Quality of sound-based WiFi signal

  1. ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi HD Outdoor Security Camera

ProElite POD04 is one of the best CCTV camera in India. It can easily capture high-quality images at 960P. 

The performance of this camera is very much high. ProElite POD04 is coming under the category of PTZ camera. It also has four reliable IR LEDs that will give a bright night vision up to 150 feet. 

ProElite POD04 is an outdoor CCTV camera that comes up with Day and Night vision and a 4X Optical Zoom. Its PTZ feature is also allowing the camera for indoor use.

Due to its high range, It is very much useful as an outdoor camera. The 4X optical zoom ability of ProElite POD04 is making it more powerful.

It also has an inbuilt rotating motor which allows rotation vertically and horizontally from remote locations. ProElite POD04 also has a 128 GB SD card slot, and you can also record videos on it 24X7.


4X Optical zoom

Supporting 128 GB of Memory card

Four IR LEDs that make it excellent night vision camera

Wonderful range


Don’t Have a speaker for voice outcome. 

Audio detection is not available, but Motion detection is there.

  1. CP Plus Intelli Eye Full HD CCTV Camera

CP Plus Intelli Eye is the best extensive CCTV Surveillance system. It is an excellent choice for both indoor as well as outdoor use.

CP Plus Intelli Eye also has four high-quality HD 1080p CCTV camera. This camera also has a 1 TB of storage capacity. 

It also comes up with two bullet cameras and two dome cameras. CP Plus Intelli Eye also has famous protection covers, which is the form under the guidelines of NEMA.

It also has high-quality cables that allow rapid transmission of images to the recording equipment. CP Plus Intelli Eye has a 2 MP camera that catches high clarity pictures, even in the night time. 

Hence, you have both indoor as well as outdoor surveillance cameras with a single price. This camera is also capable of recording a high-quality image and a 1080p HD video.


IR Vision 

Excellent for indoor as well as outdoor use

The high-quality surveillance system


Not support the HDMI facility.

The expert requires installing this camera.  

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