How to shave your head easily

Best electric shaver:  Men’s prepping specialists such as myself invest so a lot of energy expounding on the most proficient method to get a splendidly smooth jaw that it’s simple for us to overlook that there are bunches of men out there shaving their heads as well. Regardless of whether you do it since you love the look or basically need to at long last grapple with your balding, having a smooth scalp shows its own arrangement of issues, leaving you with much more skin to saturate, de-sparkle and secure against sun harm. The most important thing which you have to do is get the best head shaver for yourself.

Fortunately, notwithstanding, caring for a shaved head is not any more troublesome than shaving your face. So here’s the manner by which to shave, de-sparkle, and secure your scalp in five simple advances.

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Get Prepare

Before beginning the shaving procedure, you have to prepare your skin. Start by wetting your scalp with a little warm water, at that point apply a finger-sized measure of shaving cream to a shaving brush, foam, and liberally coat your vault.

On the other hand, in the event that you like to see where you’re shaving, apply a straightforward shave oil like REN Tamanu High Float Shaving Oil or shaving gel like Baxter of California Whiskers Line-Up Shave Gel to the palm of your hand, at that point rub between two hands and apply uniformly over your scalp.


Take your picked razor and, beginning at the point just underneath your ear, start shaving from front to back utilizing long, clearing strokes, putting each progressive stroke by the last to abstain from missing any bits (envision cutting an enormous garden on the off chance that it makes a difference). You can utilize the hand you’re generally agreeable, however, numerous men like to utilize the left hand to shave the left 50% of the head and afterward swap hands once they arrive at the midpoint.

When complete, push the ears back to do behind them (utilizing downwards strokes), at that point polish off by shaving around the scruff and expelling any stray neck hairs.

On the off chance that you have wavy hair – and are helpless to ingrown hairs – consistently shave with the bearing of hair development and attempt to stay away from such a large number of goes with the razor for a disturbance-free shaved head.

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best electric shaver


In the event that you need to give your head the quick overview to check for hair, you may have missed applying somewhat more shave prep, alongside a little water, and pass you by with your fingertips – the cream and water blend will make it simpler for you to feel for stray stubble. At that point flush your head altogether with cool water to expel all hints of your shaving prep.


On the off chance that you do get any cuts, assist them with mending fast time with a touch of Proraso Shave Cut Recuperating Gel, which is somewhat astringent and germ-free and ideal for treating scratches and cuts whether they’re on your jawline or head.

Similarly, as with your face, you can likewise give your scalp the quick overview with a post-shave demulcent like Muhle’s Aloe Vera Facial cleanser Salve, as well, to advance the skin’s normal recuperating process and lessen any aggravation caused by the razor.


With the highest point of the head a prime spot for skin tumors, it pays to ensure it every day with a cream containing an inherent SPF sunscreen. In the event that you need to secure and avoid sparkle simultaneously, however, why not get your scalp Anthony Day Cream SPF 30, a day by day use lotion with included SPF that does both?

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In case you’re hitting the seashore, be that as it may, it merits raising the stakes assurance insightful by utilizing a sunscreen-explicit item like Aesop Defensive Body Salve SPF50, which offers incredible security against sun harm. Even better, get yourself a cap and shield your head from sun introduction through and through, particularly between the long stretches of 12-3 pm when the sun is most grounded.

Remember that, similarly as with the skin on the remainder of your body, your shaved head profits by standard peeling. So to keep your scalp sound and upbeat expel dead skin cells once per week with a facial clean.

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