What is cinetux? Know everthing about the trending streaming app

So, are you also a movie buff who is having a hard time watching all the movies and shows that you really love? Well, you are not alone in this game. Moreover, being a movie buff at times can be extremely taxing. You cannot possibly always afford to go to the theaters, the multiplexes cost even more and you can only afford a few OTT subscriptions. However, there is so much more that we are missing out on just because of the lack of proper resources. Well, the answer to that question would be you have torrent. However, if you are not tech-savvy, using torrents to download pirated copies of movies and shows can often be challenging. Therefore, does that mean you cannot enjoy all these? Absolutely not. Hence, this is where apps like Cinetux come in.


Therefore, what is Cinetux? So, Cinetux is essentially a streaming app. You can watch a wide variety of shows and movies dispensing on your choice from its database. Its database is quite huge and so you will get a lot of effective options. Therefore, it hardly matters whether you are a child or an adult, a pop girl or a nerd, cinetux must have something to offer to everyone. However, that is not just it. It is also a heading movie app where you can gather a lot of information about the show or movie, its cast, and its crew that you are enjoying or are interested in. Moreover, you can do your own research from here before you sit down to watch anything or when you cannot decide what to watch. So, the only thing to remember is that you cannot download from here.

Hence, you have to watch online but you can watch for free! Let us see more about Cinetux.

Cinetux technical details

So, let us quickly go through the technical details of Cinetux. These are extremely crucial before you start using them. The reason I say this is not because you need to understand the working of the website. However, when it comes to pirated sites, we often have doubts about what is safe and what is not for our device or operating system. Often, there can be detected malware which only complicates cases. And, none of us want to ruin an experience of pleasure, that is watching a movie or a show with such issues. So, it is best to go through the details and see for yourself how it works. You would then easily know if Cinetux suits you or if you have confusion there.

So, to begin with, Cinetux is no kid in this department of streaming and movie information. It was there way before many apps of today were there. Therefore, it has been around for 12 years and 4 months now which is a very long time. So, their domain is parked with the help of ParkLogic. The Apache web server handles the requests. Moreover, Liquid Web LLC hosts the Apache Web Server. This, in turn, is located in the US. is the IP address that is associated. Moreover, the domain is registered with NameCheap Inc. However, it expires in another 7 months and 19 days which is by the end of this year.

So, it was created on 25 Sep 2010. However, they again updated it on 18 Nov 2022. But, the final expiry date of the registry of the domain is 25 Sep 2023.

Now, the operating system in use here is CentOS. PHP is the programming language that Cinetux utilizes. So now, let us see more about the website.

Cinetux website information

So, let us quickly go through the details of the website before we delve into other questions.

Therefore, Liquid Web LLC hosts the Cinetux website. Moreover, the server is based in the United States of America. As we have already seen, it is registered with NameCheap Inc. Moreover, we also know the registration and expiration date for the website which is 25 Sep 2010 and 25 Sep 2023 respectively. So, it got a span of 13 years to work. Finally, the first archive date was 1 Oct 2010. Therefore, that was also about 12 years and 4 months ago.

Moreover, the domain name is cinetux.org. Let us quickly go through some rankings.

So, Cinetux has an Alexa rank of 2, 642, 100 which is falling since 2 Jan 2023. Moreover, on Quantcast, it has a rank of 696,711 which is falling since 30 June 2012. Finally, it also has a 2.95 rank on Open PageRank. There has not been any change with this one.

So now, let us see how safe it is to use Cinetux because this is one of the most basic questions that we might be having.

Is Cinetux safe?

So, when you are accessing anything pirated or from anywhere where it should not have been there, that is, for free, the safety question looms very large. What if there are harmful files on the site? What if they introduce a virus into my system? Will they track my personal data continuously? What if it is a trap to hack my own information under the garb of the movie streaming service? Will it damages my device entirely? What if there is a large legal question involved? Therefore, there can be a whole bunch of questions. Moreover, it is only justifiable that you have these questions. Safety is always the greatest concern. And, under no circumstance should pleasure come at the cost of safety. You can enjoy your movies later on but once your bank details are hacked, there is no looking back.

However, if you are using Cinetux, you do not need to worry about all that a lot. Cinetux is quite safe, much more safe than many other options. Let us quickly go through the details that make it possible to tell such a thing.


So, Cinetux has excellent WOT Trustworthiness. It also has very good WOT child safety measures. Moreover, it is also quite good on grounds of Google Safe Browsing. It also has a good safety measures on CleanBrowsing Family Filter, Neustar Family Secure, and OpenDNS Family Secure. It does okay on all these, though it is not the absolute safest. So, you know it is doable. Moreover, it is also safe to use as per AdGuard Family, SafeDNS as well as Yandex.DNS Family.

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Therefore, with so many safety measures and conditions around, you can be sure that under general circumstances, Cinetux will not be harming you.

Cinetux Apk 2022

So, Cinetux is a movie app. However, you can already understand that you cannot find it on Google PlayStore or the Apple AppStore. This is because they are giving you pirated content absolutely for free. That will be crashing with the legal terms of both the Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. So, do not go searching for the app there and complain. There is, however, the apk version of the app which they also regularly update. So, you can get the cinetux apk 2022, the most updated one already now. Click here and it will direct you to the page from where you can download the app and start streaming your favorite movies and shows online!

Therefore, the app is by MoyApps and it is suitable for the 1.1 version of Android. So, they last updated it on 8 Feb 2022 which is almost a year now. And, you get to download it absolutely for free!

Cinetux FAQs

What is the official website of Cinetux?

Ans. So, the official website of Cinetux is www.cinetux.nu. Click the link and check out more about it and how it works to stream!

How much revenue does it collect?

Ans. So, Cinetux has a revenue collection of about 5 million USD which is pretty impressive for a company like it.

What is the SIC code of Cinetux?

Ans. So, the SIC code of Cinetux is 78,783. Moreover, if you do not know what SIC codes are, they are the Standard Industrial Classification codes. They go through the business of a company and place it in a particular category of the allied industry with the help of certain numerical codes. Therefore, any properly registered domain should have such a code. Cinetux is no exception.

What is the NAICS code of Cinetux?

Ans. So, the NAICS code of Cinetux is 51,512. Moreover, if you do not know what SIC codes are, they are the North American Industry Classification codes. It is a federal agency in the US. So, they collect, analyze and publish statistical data about the economy in the US. In the process, they classify the businesses with these numbers. So, all businesses have one of these and again Cinetux is no exception.

How many employees does Cinetux have?

Ans. So, we can already understand that it is quite a small company. Therefore, it has less than 25 employees.

What industry is the company a part of?

Ans. So, Cinetux, by virtue of the streaming services and information it provides, goes directly under the category of media and internet industries. These industries are extremely on the rise today when we can think of nothing without the internet.

What technology does it use?

Ans. So, to name a few technologies that Cinetux uses for its running are- Pexels, PHP 5.3, Google Analytics, and Google Universal Analytics. However, to know more about it, scroll up and check the “Cinetux technical details” section. You will find a more detailed idea there.

Is Cinetux a public company?

Ans. Well, not exactly. It works mostly as a private company. This is also why it does not have an official ticker symbol that all public companies have. Hence, it is also not available on the official app stores of Android or Apple.

Is Cinetux there on social media?

Ans. Yes, Cinetux is there on Facebook. Therefore, you can check them out on Facebook. Click here and it will redirect you to the official page of Cinetux on Facebook and you can get to know more from there!