The Top 4 Highest Rated Bug &RF Signal Detectors for Extra Security

Hidden cameras are unfortunately being discovered everywhere; from mall changing rooms to public bathrooms and GPS trackers in cars to RF bugging devices in homes. RF detectors assist in keeping private areas free from surveillance devices by detecting radio-frequency signals, but can also be used to spy on you – so it’s important to research these brands and models before purchasing one for your security needs.


Operating as an RF Frequency Detector, the AM-10 protects against wireless cameras and listening devices as well as tracking GPS trackers and cell signals; additionally it acts as a Bug Tap Detector by alerting in case someone attempts to install phone taps into their home or office.

This device contains an RF sensor (explained in an answer on this page) which detects frequencies over a wide spectrum. It can detect even small transmitters as well as cell phones, laptop computers and other digital devices such as cell phones. The sensitivity is adjustable so as to meet the environment it will be used in. an LED display shows signal strength while vibration motor is also included – making this an excellent way to keep an eye on home, office or vehicle monitoring!

The company that makes them offers great value for its price, detecting both RF and digital waves between 200 MHz to 8GHz, making it an excellent way to monitor any home or office for hidden microphones, cameras or spy equipment. The LED screen displays all relevant information easily while its high sensitivity lets you find devices even in difficult areas.

KJB Security DD802

RF (radio frequency) signal detectors are designed to detect electronic surveillance devices. They work by searching the area for certain signals and alerting you when one is present with either light or sound alerting you of their presence. They’re also handy for finding hidden cameras, making this device ideal for people seeking privacy protection without spending a fortune on expensive spy gear.

These devices come in various models with differing frequency responses and detection ranges; some even detect both wired and wireless devices! Some models even feature white noise generation to obscure conversations from audio surveillance. They’re great for use at home or the office at an array of prices.

The KJB Security DD802 is an ideal and cost-effective device that will detect hidden video cameras. Capable of detecting both wireless and wired hidden video cameras, along with their lens finder attachment, this detector offers an impressive 10 MHz to 8 GHz radio frequency response that makes it one of the top bug detectors available today. However, KJB offers many different options, which you can see below.

KJB Security RF Detector

KJB Security, founded in 1992 and based out of the US, specializes in creating equipment designed for monitoring, tracking, surveillance and detection. They adhere to a core value system consisting of honesty, strong customer relations and innovation when conducting their operations; manufacturing their own equipment as well as selling it directly to law enforcement agencies as well as retail outlets.

The KJB Security RF detector is an ideal choice for home or business users in search of an effective bug detector, offering excellent detection of hidden cameras, wiretaps and laser listeners as well as GPS trackers and cell phones. Its user-friendly screen displays three separate kinds of detection: VHF/UHF 50-700 MHz detection; Mobile and Wireless 700 MHz to 3 GHz detection and Microwave and Wireless 3-12 GHz.

Bug &RF Signal Detectors

Spy-Hawk Pro

This wand is designed to detect both traditional and digital transmissions, including tapping of phone lines. With its straightforward design and easy usability, this device makes for an invaluable asset when protecting personal privacy. Plus, its unique features set it apart from competitors.

As opposed to some other bug detectors ( that claim they can immediately disable bugs, this one simply detects them and helps you locate them using signal strength displays and color-coded systems. Once found, you are then responsible for disposing or destroying it based on your discretion; additionally, it works across a wide spectrum of frequencies making it far more adaptable than its rivals on the market.

The Spy-Hawk Pro modernizes your standard RF detector for today’s increasingly digital world, enabling it to detect more devices than its competition while remaining easy to use. It comes equipped with a large display that shows signal strength as well as LED lights which light up more brightly as you move closer towards devices of interest; in addition, there is a separate power switch so as not to accidentally turn it off while using it.